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We're a passionate group of students from from Durham, North Carolina that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition (https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc). Our team learns a wide variety of skills–bystander intervention, industrial design, optical recognition and control systems programming, networking, professional communication, web design, teamwork, and leadership–and has cultivated a culture of positivity, happiness, and support. Please consider making a donation!
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  • PrimeLending donated "Best of luck in your competition! Regards Mark DeWitt" - via Sinclair Biles
  • Todd Huntley donated "Go Bull City Botics and Graham Curtis!" - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
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  • Anonymous donated - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
  • Tatyana & Ben Blankenship donated "(Hannah also gets credit for the donation). Take states this year...and remember to have fun along the way!" - via Bailey Blankenship
  • Grandma and Grandpa donated - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
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  • Robert Lemons donated
  • Marjorie Treeger donated "In honor of Gus's 18th birthday! " - via August Peters
  • Jennifer Bowen donated "Happy last-day-of-being-17, Gus! xoxoxoxoxo" - via August Peters
  • Thomas Treeger donated - via August Peters
  • Jennifer Bowen donated "Just days away from kick-off; looking forward to another season of cheering you on! Fear the bull!" - via August Peters
  • Susan Nickell donated "To help Joshua Aguiar's team. Good luck!"
  • Lorie Kerhoulas donated "Good luck!! " - via Janet Airgood Morrison
  • Allison Kiefer donated "Good luck guys! " - via Janet Airgood Morrison
  • Madge and Tom Treeger donated "Go Bulltron!" - via August Peters
  • The Mentors donated - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Box Ghost donated "I bet the mentors won't match my donation" - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
  • William Shamblin donated "Good luck at states."
  • Mary Grace Davies donated "Go get 'em Bull City Botics! Best wishes at States!" - via August Peters
  • Chris Blankenship donated "This one's for Hannah...Go get em!"
  • Bullcitybotics achieved Elite Diamond Fundraiser status by raising $1,000 for the club.

  • Jeann Blankenship donated - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
  • Fred Lamar donated "Go Bulltron! #omgrobots!" - via Bullcitybotics Team 6332
  • Charlie Peters donated - via August Peters
  • Bullcitybotics leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

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